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News from 2024/03/05

ULT unveils a brand-new line of modular extraction and filtration systems

ULT unveils a brand-new line of modular extraction and filtration systems

The ULT 400.1 system series delivers energy-efficient and quiet operation

Introducing the all-new ULT 400.1! This game-changing system series from air tech leader ULT offers modular, energy-efficient, and whisper-quiet extraction and filtration solutions.

ULT's 400.1 product line offers a range of powerful extraction systems to tackle different air pollutants:

  • Laser fume: LAS 400.1 tackles laser fumes efficiently.

  • Soldering fume: LRA 400.1 keeps your soldering area free of harmful fumes.

  • Odors, gases, and vapors: ACD 400.1 neutralizes unwanted odors, gases, and vapors.

  • Dust and smoke: ASD 400.1 keeps dust and smoke under control.

And the best part? Each system comes with at least two specialized filter options to perfectly match your needs.

Plus, these modular systems are designed for both portability and stationary use, making them ideal for various manufacturing and machining processes.

Gray device with system wheels and controls on the front

Get ready for game-changing filter performance! The ULT 400.1 boasts a unique-in-the-world filter inflow design that maximizes filter absorption, resulting in:

  • Extended filter life: You'll replace filters less often, saving you money and hassle.

  • Reduced energy consumption: The system runs more efficiently, saving you on your energy bills.

  • Lower maintenance and parts costs: Less frequent filter changes mean less maintenance and fewer replacement parts needed.

This innovative system series packs a punch with its electronically commutated motor (EC double blower), pulling in a whopping 600 cubic meters of air per hour even under high pressure (up to 9,800 Pa). And the best part? It does all this while staying whisper-quiet, thanks to its effective sound insulation, keeping noise levels below 60 decibels even at full power.

Plus, its compact design (just 25x24x33-45 inches in width, depth, and height) means it won't hog valuable floor space.

The ULT 400.1 uses a 3-stage filtration system to keep your air clean:

  • Particle pre-filter: Traps larger dust particles.

  • HEPA H-14 fine dust filter: Captures even the tiniest dust particles, meeting the strictest standards.

  • Gas or sorption filter (activated carbon): Neutralizes any leftover odors or vapors, ensuring fresh, clean air.

The ULT 400.1 series makes working easier with:

  • Simple controls: Use it like a pro in no time.

  • Easy filter changes: Say goodbye to messy cleanup thanks to "Save Change Technology."

  • Customization is key: Choose from different fan types and suction adapters to fit your specific needs.

Further information

Information and details on the respective device types can be accessed on the respective system pages:

ACD 400.1 for odors, vapors, gases

ASD 400.1 for dust collection

LAS 400.1 for laser fume extraction

LRA 400.1 for solder fume extraction