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Fume extraction and air drying in mini environments
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Ventilation solutions for battery cell production

Safe fume extraction and process air cleaning for battery production

With the growing emphasis on electromobility and the rise of renewable energies, battery production has become increasingly crucial. Specifically, the production of lithium-ion batteries has introduced new technologies that require special environmental considerations.

Unfortunately, many battery production techniques generate airborne pollutants that can have long-term detrimental effects on employees, machinery, and products. Laser processes, commonly used in manufacturing, are a particular concern in this regard

Moreover, maintaining optimal atmospheric conditions is a critical factor for ensuring manufacturing quality. Implementing effective conditioning solutions plays a vital role in meeting these requirements.

At ULT, we offer comprehensive fume extraction systems designed to ensure the safety of your processes. Our advanced technologies efficiently capture and remove harmful airborne contaminants, safeguarding the well-being of your workforce and the integrity of your equipment.

Choose ULT for cutting-edge fume extraction and air cleaning that prioritize safety and optimize the production process for batteries.

Ventilation solutions for the battery cell production

ULT's service portfolio - for various process stages of battery production

Fume extraction systems for the battery production

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