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Welding fume extraction with the ULT Airtower

Breathe easy with the Airtower: revolutionizing welding fume extraction

In the intricate dance of industrial progress, where welding arcs light the path to innovation, the air quality within your workspace emerges as a pivotal player in the narrative of success. ULT proudly presents "The Airtower," a pinnacle of welding fume extraction technology, meticulously designed to not only meet regulatory compliance but to redefine the standards of clean, efficient, and safe working environments.

Discover the unmatched clarity with the ULT Airtower!

ULT provides the currently most efficient and unique welding fume extraction solution: The "ULT Airtower", developed in close cooperation with our partner company Novus air.

The Airtower is an unrivaled solution when it comes to sustainable welding fume extraction or air purification in production halls removing dust, oil mist, or smoke.

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The ULT Airtower - What else would you need?

The ULT Airtower is a welding fume extractor that is designed to be efficient, versatile, and sustainable. It is a unique solution that uses a layered ventilation principle to extract contaminated indoor air at the top of the device, filter it, and then blow it back into the room near the floor without causing drafts. This method is considered the ideal recirculation method as it takes advantage of the heat generated during welding. It provides fresh air in the breathing zone and minimizes heating costs by reducing the amount of required outside air.

The Airtower is also very versatile and can be utilized for a variety of welding applications, including:

  • MIG welding

  • TIG welding

  • Plasma cutting

  • Gas welding

It is also suitable for use in a variety of production environments, including:

  • Metalworking

  • Machinery manufacturing

  • Shipbuilding

  • Automotive manufacturing

The ULT Airtower is a sustainable solution to providing various features to reduce its environmental impact, including:

  • A high-efficiency filter system that removes 99.9% of particulates

  • A low-noise operation that minimizes noise pollution

  • A lightweight design that makes it easy to transport and install

  • A long lifespan that reduces the need for replacement parts

The Airtower is a leading welding fume extractor that offers a number of advantages over traditional welding fume extraction systems. It is more efficient, versatile, sustainable, and easy to use. If you are looking for a welding fume extractor that will provide you with the best possible protection for your workers and your environment, then the Airtower is the perfect solution for you.

Here are some additional details about the Airtower:

  • It is available in four different sizes to accommodate a variety of welding applications

  • It has a maximum air flow of 20,000 m³/h, which can handle even the most demanding welding jobs

  • It is easy to install and use, with no complicated piping or ductwork required

  • It is backed by a 2-year warranty

Why should welding fumes be on your radar?

The clear peril of ignored hazards

Welding fumes, a complex mixture of metallic oxides, silicates, and fluorides, are more than just an occupational nuisance; they are a formidable hazard. Laden with fine particulates and harmful gases, these fumes can significantly compromise health and degrade the performance and longevity of critical machinery. Addressing these fumes with the ULT Airtower fume extractor is the first step toward converting your workspace into a haven of productivity and safety.

Explore how the Airtower can transform your workspace.

The power of the Airtower: ULT's premier solution

What sets the ULT Airtower apart as an indispensable asset for your operation? Standing at the vanguard of fume extraction innovation, ULT delivers a system that transcends mere regulatory compliance to spearhead a revolution in air purity. With its robust multi-stage filtration, featuring high-efficiency particulate absorbing (HEPA) filters and a worldwide unrivaled separation principle, the ULT Airtower adeptly captures a wide array of particulates and gases. Whether your focus is on welding, or any other process generating noxious fumes, the Airtower seamlessly integrates into your operations, bolstering safety and operational efficiency.

Tailored excellence in fume extraction.

Key advantages include:

Superior filtration technology: high-efficiency systems that capture and neutralize a comprehensive spectrum of pollutants.

Versatile solutions: from compact designs for smaller workshops to powerful setups for extensive operations, the "ULT Airtower" offers a tailored product for every specific need.

Unwavering performance: designed for durability, minimizing downtime and maintenance demands, ensuring uninterrupted operations.

Regulatory compliance and beyond: achieve and surpass health and safety benchmarks, including stringent OSHA standards, safeguarding your workforce and securing your operation against penalties.

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Implementing your ULT Airtower solution

Effortless integration, exceptional support.

Elevating your facility's air quality is a breeze with the ULT Airtower. Starting with a personalized consultation, our specialists will evaluate your needs and propose an optimal solution. Installation is swift and straightforward, ensuring your operations face minimal disruption.

And with ULT's unparalleled aftercare support, you're assured of a comprehensive service that covers everything from routine maintenance to on-demand troubleshooting.

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Tackling a broad spectrum of contaminants - frequently asked questions

How does the "ULT Airtower" manage such diverse contaminants?

Our sophisticated multi-stage filtration technology, blending physical and chemical purification methods, guarantees the extraction and neutralization of a vast array of contaminants, ensuring your air remains pristine and compliant.

Can the system be customized for any workspace?

Absolutely. ULT offers an extensive lineup of system configurations, ensuring a perfect fit for workspaces of any size and scope, delivering efficient and effective fume extraction tailored to the unique demands of your operations.

Why the ULT Airtower stands unrivaled:

Health and productivity: the "ULT Airtower" safeguards health while propelling operational efficiency.

Advanced filtration: featuring an outstanding and unique filtration concept, it tackles pollutants head-on.

Custom fit: a versatile range guarantees a perfect solution for every industrial need.

Beyond support: from selection through installation, ULT is your partner in ensuring clean air.

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