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News from 2023/11/09

New soldering fume extractor introduced at productronica

ULT introduced new solder fume extractor at productronica

At last year's productronica, the premier trade show for electronics manufacturing, ULT unveiled a groundbreaking extraction solution for solder fumes and vapor.

The LRA 400.1, the inaugural member of a new generation of extraction and filtration systems, is a modular and remarkably quiet fume extractor suitable for both manual and automated soldering processes.

A novel and unique filter inflow concept enhances filter capacity, ensuring an extended lifespan and substantial cost savings for users.

The LRA 400.1 boasts an innovative EC dual blower capable of achieving high volume flows at high vacuum, making it ideal for laser and soldering applications in electronics manufacturing. Additionally, its compact design minimizes its footprint.

Front view of the grey system with blue sticker on the front

In addition to launching its new equipment series at last year's productronica, ULT will also be sharing comprehensive information on air pollution control and occupational safety in the manufacture of electronic assemblies.

ULT's expertise encompasses the entire spectrum of air quality management in electronics manufacturing, from identifying and quantifying airborne contaminants such as solder or laser fumes, vapors, odors, and dust, to designing and implementing optimal extraction and filtration systems.

ULT also provides comprehensive service and maintenance for its equipment, ensuring that customers' operations remain in peak condition at all times.

ULT is a trusted partner for electronics manufacturers worldwide, committed to helping them create safe and healthy workplaces while maintaining the highest production standards.

ULT provides a comprehensive array of mobile and stationary extraction and filtration systems, catering to a diverse spectrum of applications.

These systems seamlessly integrate into manual workstations, empowering precision assembly of sample boards, small-scale production runs, and repair operations.

ULT's expertise extends to seamless integration into production lines and comprehensive processing systems, encompassing laser cutting, soldering, painting, casting, coating, gluing, and bonding procedures.

The company's commitment to innovation ensures that its systems are equipped with the latest technologies to effectively remove airborne contaminants, ensuring a safe and healthy work environment.