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Vendor of ventilation solutions, such as fume extractors and air dryers
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Extraction and filtration solutions

ULT – air quality

Corporate claim and logo

We have been developing and producing top-notch solutions for the best air quality for around 30 years.

Breathing means living - which is why good air is of elementary importance to us all. It keeps us healthy and increases our performance and ability to concentrate.

The best air quality is also essential in industrial environments - as pure as possible.

Pure air quality

A strong family business

ULT is now managed by the second generation of the Jakschik family. After Dr Christian Jakschik had founded the company in 1994 and developed to an international vendor in the following years, in the summer of 2015 his sons Dr. Stefan Jakschik and Alexander Jakschik took over the management. At that point, both had already worked for ULT for several years.

For customers in the US, Canada and Mexico we founded ULT Canada Sales Inc. in 2017. Proximity to our customers is fundamental for us to be able to offer the best possible support.

Mission statement

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Our mission

To ensure that your employees are optimally protected from air pollutants in their daily work, we at ULT develop a wide range of solutions for excellent air quality. Our extraction and filtration systems help to make production processes considerably safer and more sustainable. They protect nemployees, manufacturing equipment, products and the environment: occupational safety and economic efficiency go hand in hand.

Our products and services

Our range of solutions for ventilation systems covers a broad spectrum of applications. But even beyond the standard, you are on safe paths with us. Our highly skilled employees have everything that counts when it comes to developing needs-oriented solutions: Proximity to the customer, a spirit of innovation and knowledge of industry-specific processes.

Our customized solutions

No every vendor of air technology provides that service

We invest heavily in research and development. Consequently, our systems can grow with you and your requirements. Products and solutions for your applications are further developed here and made fit for the requirements of tomorrow. Our young team also provides a breath of fresh air, quickly converting new technologies into marketable products.

Our mission statement

Our Code of Conduct

We're happy to help you!

We are happy to offer you further information about our extraction systems and the respective filtration technology. We can also configure your individual solution as requested or required.